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“I don’t need to fit in. I am me!”

		melano jewelry let's get personal

let’s get personal

You’re no type. Want to go to work in a pink sweater and suit up for a party later that night? Melano loves it. We’re there for you!

		melano jewelry that's me

that’s me

Restless and angry? Break some cheap dishes on the garden tiles. Feeling a bit nostalgic? Take a night off in your ex’s white XXL shirt (with last years stains). Your style? Depends on your mood. You’re 100 women in 1.
Melano is you.

		melano jewelry mix it

mix it

Melano lets you change your jewelry to match your mood and style, so you’re always you, 24/7. Switch the stones, combine the pendants and rings. The possibilities are endless. No one tells you what you have to look like. It’s totally up to you.


melano jewelry vivid


melano jewelry friends


melano jewelry cateye


melano jewelry mix it

mix it

melano jewelry twisted


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“Why choose one style? Me is versatile.”

About Melano

Melano inspires women worldwide to expres their individuality and personality through their jewelry. Our colourful, interchangeable collection offers countless options for each occasion, mood and style.

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